Tips for bringing the beautiful outdoors, indoors.

Love spending time in your yard? Here are some tips for those of us want to bring the outdoors, indoor – And just in time for the colder months.

Plant on your walls. You heard us.

Hanging plants on your walls can be as simple – or as intricate – as you’d like it to be. There are tons of great ways to incorporate greenery into your home space, even when you can’t do so in your front yard, and this is definitely the easiest way to pack a small space with a lot of green – either inside or out.

Hanging planters
Hanging planters are a great way of using the space above you and creating a serene, natural feel to your home. Not sure what style you’re into? Here are some options:

DIY Gold Planter

Learn how HERE.

Do you have some extra wall space? Let’s use it! Floating shelves and tiered shelving are great ways of bringing the garden inside.

You can even use your windows. If you’re looking to plant herbs, spices and some plants that need a lot of great, direct sunlight, try adding some shelving in front of your windows (don’t forget to leave yourself some light, too!) and watch them grow.

No windows you want to give up? No problem. Using tiered shelves can elevate your space, giving it some more dimension that not only extends from floor to ceiling, but that also breathes life into your room. Even LESS space to work with? They make shelves for that, too.

Side tables, frames and a green wall, oh my!

A side table can go a long way when it comes to giving your plants a place to live within your home. You also likely already have a side table, or create one using things that you have –

– A night stand that you no longer need– Wooden crates make perfect tables
– Grab some spray paint, stack 4 shoe boxes together and voila – fancy table.

If you’re not someone with a greenthumb (that’s okay!) you could try an air plant frame. This requires very little work and very little upkeep, all while looking great. Here’s a quick how-to video!

If you are someone with a greenthumb, you may want to give a green wall a shot. Looks nice, right?

Dare we go…higher?

If you’re able, hanging greenery from your ceiling could also be a great way of creating a serene space with added dimension.

– Ceiling hooks are an easy, cost-effective way of hanging your plants.
– If you have some extra ceiling space or space above your windows, try hanging your plants from a rod to add some flare.

Getting creative with the things you already have.

Most of the time, we can repurpose things that we already have but perhaps don’t always use into things that we love and would enjoy daily.

What are we talking about? We mean pots you no longer use (but have maybe enjoyed many wonderful dinners because of) would make great planters for the front steps. You know that old belt that doesn’t really fit anymore but you just can’t part with? Repurpose that thing into a way of hanging a plant from your ceiling or the overhang near your front door. And what about that table that kind of just collects things as you pass by it? Now you have a brand new bench – for both you and your plants.

If you’re anything like us and love a good garden or some beautiful greenery, you miss your outdoor space once the colder seasons hit. But the good news is that you don’t have to miss out on that altogether. With a few of the above tricks, you’ll have the dream year-round garden space you’ve always wanted – even if it is inside.

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