Green Scene specializes in residential and commercial outdoor projects of all sizes, including hardscaping, landscaping, lawn maintenance, plant healthcare, snow removal, and more. Click a Division below to learn more!



High quality landscaping does more than improve your property and increase its value. While it is an art that represents your sense of style, it also serves a highly functional purpose in storm water management, erosion control, soil health, invasive species mitigation, and pest and animal control.


Transforming your property into an elegant outdoor living space is possible with landscaping. But you will need more than just flowers, grass, or trees; vegetation in the yard, known as the softscape or soft landscaping, is just half of it. So what’s the other half? It’s called hardscaping, or hard landscaping.


Whether big or small, every landscape needs proper maintenance. Maintenance is necessary because change is inevitable. While some change may be welcomed, others may not — more often than not, grasses grow too much, leaves fall a lot, the seasons change, weeds grow, snow falls and covers the landscape, and driveways grow slippery molds. In these cases, change must be well managed by landscape maintenance.


Among our services at Green Scene, we offer swimming pool design/installation. Please take a look at some of our projects below to get a better idea of how we can bring your landscaping and water features together into a custom outdoor space.


Green Scene offers 24-hour snow and ice removal services for commercial & industrial clients. As with all of the services that we offer, we strive to service our clients’ needs in a manner that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our goal is to provide prompt and effective snow and ice removal to help your property remain fully functional, regardless of the weather conditions. We accomplish this goal by utilizing the substantial fleet of vehicles and equipment prepared to be dispatched at all times. As always, Green Scene is fully detail-oriented and completes its projects in a manner that ensures full client satisfaction.

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