Green Scene offers 24-hour snow and ice removal services for commercial & industrial clients. As with all of the services that we offer, we strive to service our clients’ needs in a manner that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our goal is to provide prompt and effective snow and ice removal to help your property remain fully functional, regardless of the weather conditions. We accomplish this goal by utilizing the substantial fleet of vehicles and equipment prepared to be dispatched at all times. As always, Green Scene is fully detail-oriented and completes its projects in a manner that ensures full client satisfaction.

Snow Removal the Green Scene Way

We understand that time is important to you. Going back to your normal everyday life or doing business as usual will be a breeze with our snow removal service. Accumulating snow and leaving it for so long can be dangerous, and that is why we believe snow removal is an emergency service. We offer our services 24/7.

We have a complete set of equipment, tools, and materials needed to easily, safely, and speedily get the snow out of your way. Our company has invested in tractors, truck plows, loaders, and skid-steers for easy snow plowing. We even remove the final short layer of snow with snow blowers.

Our heavy equipment can only remove snow on the driveway and other wide spaces. Removing of snow on the plant bed, corners, and other small, detailed spaces will be done with the traditional hand shovels. Our team is trained and experienced to remove snow without hurting vulnerable and sensitive surfaces. In case the snow has formed ice, we use premium de-icing mixture to melt it fast.

Ice Control

With the unpredictable climate here in Chicagoland, it is sometimes difficult to maintain traction on foot or in your vehicle. We offer ice control to counter this potentially dangerous issue at a moment’s notice.

24 hr. Emergency Service

During the winter months it can be very difficult to predict when a snow event will occur. Sometimes we go to sleep after a sunny 35 degree day, and wake up with 3 inches on the streets. Our staff is always ready for an unexpected snow fall.

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