High quality landscaping does more than improve your property and increase its value. While it is an art that represents your sense of style, it also serves a highly functional purpose in storm water management, erosion control, soil health, invasive species mitigation, and pest and animal control.

High Sense of Landscaping Artistry

Green Scene, Inc. has become a recognized landscaping company in Illinois for many reasons, among which is our artistic flair and sense of style. But we don’t just owe this creativity to our skills; our every creation is actually a fusion of our client’s ideas and ours.

It’s understandable that every one of us will have a different definition of beauty. So when creating a landscape design, we make sure that we have fully understood what beauty means to our clients and we make sure this beauty comes to life. The result is always an overly satisfying work of art that our clients are always proud of.

But don’t just take our word for it — please see our Portfolio and witness the amazing landscapes that we designed, installed, and maintained.

Responsible Landscaping Practices

There are many environmental concerns surrounding landscaping services, but they only become problems if the landscaping is done irresponsibly. We do not tolerate such practices. Our team understands that weed control, fertilizing, pruning, aeration, and many other landscape practices do not have to be eliminated, they just need to be done in an environmentally sensitive way.

Designing a landscape must always take into consideration the installation and maintenance. Before designing a landscape, we first examine the soil to determine whether it needs fertilizing or weed control — we want our clients to enjoy their landscape without the stresses of unnecessary maintenance. This test will also tell us the most ideal plants that can naturally beautify your outdoor space.

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