Whether big or small, every landscape needs proper maintenance. Maintenance is necessary because change is inevitable. While some change may be welcomed, others may not — more often than not, grasses grow too much, leaves fall a lot, the seasons change, weeds grow, snow falls and covers the landscape, and driveways grow slippery molds. In these cases, change must be well managed by landscape maintenance.

Is Maintenance a DIY Job?

Simple lawn maintenance tasks can be accomplished without assistance from Green Scene, Inc.; after all, most consumers are used to watering their lawn every week and picking up fallen leaves in the autumn. However, some landscape maintenance tasks can be too complicated for the common Joe to understand. Our trained professionals will come to the rescue.

We handle sensitive maintenance tasks. Our main goal is to keep the landscape attractive, safe, clean, and healthy. Annual plantings, harvesting, adding garden accessories, making topiaries, shrub pruning, and lawn care will keep the landscape attractive, while fencing, weeding, lighting, and snow removal will keep it safe. Fertilizing, lawn care, swimming pool care, and irrigation will keep the landscape healthy.

These tasks are not as frequent as watering the plants. These are ideally done once or twice a year, so it will never be a burden to your budget. The real burden is when these important maintenance tasks were never accomplished, or worse, they were accomplished improperly. Fixing your trial-and-error mess will be a hundred times costlier than hiring Green Scene, Inc. to do it right the first time.

Green Scene is the Best for Maintenance

There are a lot of other companies offering landscape maintenance services in Chicagoland. So why choose us?

Our highly satisfied clients have helped us thrive in this very competitive industry for over 30 years. We believe in improving the lives our clients by providing services to help them accomplish their goals. We sustain our designed and installed landscapes while minimizing potential maintenance tasks, so you can maximize the time you enjoy your landscape.

We are also flexible in maintaining landscapes and lawns that we did not initially design or install. If necessary, we will recommend enhancements to minimize maintenance tasks. Our skills, experience, and training will make your outdoors a more livable space.

Best of all, we can take on properties of all sizes — big or small maintenance projects, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial & Residential

Clients and tenants will form an opinion about your business or home before they even step through your front door. If your landscape is properly cared for, it will add to your property’s “curb” appeal. At Green Scene, Inc., we can provide creative and cost effective solutions for any type of commercial or residential property maintenance you have, whether it be a maintenance or fertilization program.

Grub Control

We offer applications in the early season to prevent grubs from arising. When the grub has already made an impact on the lawn, we can provide a curative program to rid the grub from your existing turf.


During the spring season when your turf is getting out of its dormancy, we can help provide a service to bring oxygen, water, and nutrients into your soil structure. With an aeration to your turf you can ensure a healthier root structure. This same application can be applied in the fall depending on your specific turf needs determined by one of our professionals.

6 Step Fertilization Program

Everyone loves the look of a healthier, more lush lawn. We offer a 6-round program, using the highest quality materials, to help put the green back into your scenery. The 6 rounds cover all of the necessary bases, from crab grass control, to fertilizer and weed control, all to make sure that your lawn stays lush for years to come. Our certified technicians are there to help make suggestions to provide the best quality results.

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