Classic Collection

The Bristol Collection is a beautiful combination of tumbled block, and features Arbel® and Urbana® accents. The Bristol’s rustic look blends well with virtually any landscape.



Bristol Fireplace Bristol Fireplace
3’D X 5’W X 9.5’H
Bristol Wood Boxes Bristol Wood Boxes
2.3’D X 3’W X 3.25’H
Bristol Arched Hearth Bristol Arched Hearth
2’D X 5’W X .9’H
Bristol Brick Oven Bristol Brick Oven
4’D X 4’W X 8.1’H
Bristol Grill Island Bristol Grill Island
3’D X 6.3’W X 4.3’H

Square foot varies depending on installation. All measurements are approximate. Contact us for more details.



Ashbury Haze - Urbana
Ashbury Haze – Urbana
Bannockburn Red - Urbana
Bannockburn Red – Urbana
Bristol Beige - Arbel
Bristol Beige – Arbel
Brookstone Slate - Urbana
Brookstone Slate – Urbana
Cotswold Mist - Urbana
Cotswold Mist – Urbana
Danville Beige - Arbel
Danville Beige – Arbel
Gascony Tan - Urbana
Gascony Tan – Urbana